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What is a building template
source:admin time:2017-04-26
Building template is a temporary support structure is made according to the design requirements, the concrete structure components, according to the position and size of the provisions of forming, maintaining its correct position, external loads and under construction template gravity and acting on the. The purpose of template engineering is to ensure the quality of concrete engineering and construction safety, speed up the construction progress and reduce the cost of the project.
This paper introduces the construction formwork structure of cast-in-place concrete structure construction, which is mainly composed of three parts: the panel, the supporting structure and the connecting parts. The panel is in direct contact with the bearing plates of concrete; supporting structure is a temporary structure supporting panel, concrete and construction load, ensure the construction template are firmly combined, do not deform and damage; the connecting piece is connected to the panel and the supporting parts of the whole structure.
Building formwork is the concrete pouring forming shell and support, according to the nature of the material can be divided into building template, building wood plywood, covered with plastic board, multilayer board, double-sided adhesive, double-sided coated building template. According to the construction process, the construction formwork can be divided into the cast in place concrete formwork, the pre assembled template, the large formwork, the jump formwork and so on.
Combined type steel template, template is modern technology, the new template has strong versatility, convenient assembly and disassembly, turnover frequency has a "steel wood", the construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure with it in advance according to the design requirements set up beams and columns, walls, floor board large template, integral hoisting, also can use dismantled method.
Aluminum template, new building templates Aluminum Alloy production, green construction template of the new rise of the construction industry, with the characteristics of simple operation, fast construction, high return, environmental protection and energy saving, using a number of concrete pouring, good effect, Recyclable etc..
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