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Building formwork and construction safety
source:admin time:2017-04-26
In recent years, there are often building template collapse accident, resulting in a large number of casualties. On the current situation of domestic construction, the main reason for the construction market is not standardized, the construction of the project layer by layer, leading to the contractor only focus on immediate interests, thus sacrificing the quality and safety of construction.
Visit the domestic construction site, the use of scaffolding and building templates are mostly less than the standard wall thickness of rusty steel pipes, dilapidated building templates. This situation in the foreign construction market is simply unable to pass security checks. The selection of building materials in foreign countries is also strictly in accordance with the construction standards and procurement norms. For example, our company supply pipe Sahalim energy requirements of enterprises reached 4mm and the steel tube wall thickness, the domestic use of the best is 3.75mm wall thickness, while the domestic steel known as the actual wall thickness of the wall of 3.75mm take off, can reach 3.5mm which is high quality steel. Building template, overseas already began to use new plastic building template, on the one hand can meet the requirements of environmental protection, on the other hand due to avoid cutting the architectural template, so the engineering quality and safety has been greatly improved. At present, the mainstream is still the use of bamboo plywood as a building template, due to the tedious construction process, as well as the use of optional accessories, so that the quality and safety of construction projects are not guaranteed.
At present, the domestic construction market downturn, the construction enterprises are trying to reduce costs, but can reduce costs in order to reduce the quality and safety of the premise, the construction market will only if things go on like this, more and more chaos.
Hope that the construction enterprises in the selection of building materials can pay attention to quality, strengthen management, so as to avoid the occurrence of such accidents.
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